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Why Does New Version of Norton Antivirus Offer Better Experience Than The Previous Versions?


Cybercrime is becoming a major concern these days. Your personal information is becoming more prone to breaches, and your computers are at risk of malware and viruses. Norton is known to launch an antivirus that has high reliability and high demand in the market. Norton brings changes and updates to their products with every passing year, offering additional features while making amendments to the rest of them. The new version of Norton Antivirus has far more additional and upgraded features than the prevision versions of its antivirus, offering greater security and protection.

Technical Support:

Norton Antivirus Plus offers complete technical support to the users, where the previous versions had certain limitations concerning this feature. This means the new version gives this opportunity if their malware issues are set unresolved or are not removed from the computer, the professionals or the technical experts will solve this problem themselves, by logging into your computer. Also, there is a policy of refunding money offered for those who can not escape from such issues.

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Online Backup:

This is one exclusive feature of the Norton Antivirus Plus. It offers customers with the online storage option, where they can save most of their important documents and files online. Also, the online storage capacity is up to 2GB. If you want to have access to a greater capacity, other options such as upgrading are too available, where you can even avail of a total capacity of 50 GB.

Better Performance:

Norton Antivirus Plus does not only ensure the safety of your computer from viruses and malware but has a lot of distinct tools as well, which enhances the performance of your PCs. File Cleanup is one of the most useful tools which helps to eradicate all the temporary files on your browsers. Space is freed up, which then optimizes the performance of your computer by speeding it up. Other than this, there is a Startup Messenger that comes along with this Norton Antivirus Plus. This startup messenger shows up all the applications which are launched along with your browser, as well as gives you information about the total use of resources by each of them. This gives the users an option to decide if they should be disabling the application or not.


This is one of the most concrete and specialized features possessed by the Norton Antivirus Plus. This firewall informs you whenever unreliable programs or the ones which lack in credibility, are trying to form internet connections. After informing you, it asks you for permission if these programs are supposed to be allowed or not. You can simply click on “Yes” or “No” when you come across such situations, which the firewall tends to remember, and does not ask you the same question again and again.

Other Features:

Not only this, but Norton Antivirus Plus has a lot more to offer. It includes greater security for online banking and offers protection for your Wi-fi. Apart from this, it includes script control, a password manager, and a data protector as well. Scanning and filtering of malicious URLs are done efficiently by the antivirus.


Norton Antivirus Plus can run on a large number of devices. It does not only operate on Microsoft Windows or macOS like the previous versions of Norton Antivirus, but it can be installed on Andriod and iOS as well.


All Norton Products come with exclusive packages and characteristics which make it irresistible for the customers to purchase them. Norton Antivirus Plus is very easy to use having a list of distinctive features that makes it better than the previous version of Norton Antivirus. Also, your money is refundable if you are not satisfied with this Antivirus.

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