Install Norton Antivirus

The Norton Setup at

Norton setup is a process where do you enter the Norton Setup Key at to activate & install Norton product.

One can buy Norton from retail store or online. Now Symantec has started distributing product activation keys in the form of retail card. One has to scratch the Norton retail card to see the product activation key and go to the website Than type the information to download, setup and install the Norton software on the computer. Here at superb support we offer support to install and setup the software on the digital device in case one faces any trouble or problem to install the software. You can call +1-855-334-9500 (Toll Free) to get in touch with us.


  1. Visit and sign in to your Norton account or create a new account (new users)
  2. Enter Norton product key
  3. Select your subscription and click download button to begin the downloading process
  4. There, you will get the choice to choose from different versions and languages
  5. Depending upon your browser, run the downloaded setup
  6. Click Run (in Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox)
  7. After installation, open any of the application of Symantec Norton 2016
  8. Here, you will be see a Norton Antivirus activation wizard
  9. Click activate and enter the same product key, if asked
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete activation

Why should we install Norton antivirus?

Computers became precious to the lives of thousands around the world. Every facet of our everyday routine is reliant to pc procedures. Every sector of society is run by computer created system. No matter the many good benefits that come from computers, there are people who’re trying to destroy these production processes by creating computer programs geared toward destroying the computer system. They create viruses that damage computers when victims unintentionally open them. The advances in computer OS are continuing.


Experts are attempting to improve more these personal computers for individual and industrial use. There are also attempts to counter the worst of aftereffects of system viruses. In our day to day life, we are getting more into the digital systems to do our almost all the jobs including banking, shopping or even talking to our family and friends. When we get online there is a medium of “internet” through which we do all these tasks, we use different tools to do all these things. We use browsers or some web application or a software or any other digital tool. But we are more open to intrusions as internet is just a medium which needs security.


It’s like that a third party gives a proof that the products or applications functions as per it is specifications. Norton 360 security is simple to install throughout the web site The user needs to sign in to Norton as mentioned over there and follow some simple steps which is given above.


With software installation comes several procedures. To make matters a bit more secure, these procedures entail user agreement at each and every installation step. In order to ease this process while not compromising the security, provides streamlined support to configure Norton Application. If a user seek to but this software, they can either use a retail card that allows an online method of installation or use a physical CD for a more manual approach of installation. Norton doesn’t stop at merely protecting the system from viruses and other infections, but it also assist use in blocking intrusive fishing efforts that attack upon the online financial transactions. To that end, the software hides the user credentials that entail username, password, credit card details, accounts information etc.

Upgrade Your Data Protection With Norton

There Are Many Antivirus Solutions Available In The Market To Block The Virus Attacks; One Of Them Is The Norton Antivirus Solution. With The Powerful And Rich- Features The Software Is One Of The Most Trusted And Reliable Antivirus Used Across The Globe. You Can Avail Of These Features By Downloading Norton Setup Via Norton.Com/Setup. As Cybercrimes Are Expanding Day By Day The Criminals Are Too Getting Advanced. With The Help Of The Latest Virus And Malware, They Are Capable Enough To Design Programs That Can Harm Our Data And Devices. They Update Themselves From The Latest Happenings Online So That They Can Fetch The Way To Hack Your Devices. Therefore, You Too Have To Get Little Updates About The Virus Attacks And The Advanced Technologies Used Of Hacking. Furthermore, The Most Important Thing Is To Download Norton To Block Such Attacks.

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How to enter Norton setup Product key?

The moment you purchase Norton via, you will there and then get the product key on your email id that is linked with your Norton account.

However, if you have purchased Norton setup via the retail shop, then you will get the product key on the backside of the redeem card that you will get in the antivirus package that you receive. To enter the Product key you just have to firstly, install the Norton setup from the official website and once the file is installed, open Norton by double-click on its icon on the desktop. Now, click on the “Activate” option and enter the Norton Product Key from the email and then click on the “Norton products and Subscription”.